Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My 2nd and 3rd Day of School

Yesterday I was upset when getting ready to wear shoes to go home. I cried in King's Kids and shouted at Aunty Jennifer. Mom says I should apologise cos I was wrong to block the doorway when wearing shoes. She said good trains don't block the main tracks, they go to a siding. I understand that now.

Erin and Jayden came over for lunch and to play. Later Mom took me to Jayden's to play with his Lego Train. It was fantastic. The engine went around the tracks so smoothly when it pulled one or two coaches but a bit hicuppy when it had to pull more or when it came to the split tracks.

Aunty Sue Ann took us to visit the Bukit Jalil park to feed turtles and fish. The playground was very nice. It was a good workout and Mom said I could have 100 Plus after that. Yeah!

After a bubble bath with Jayden, we went dinner with the whole jing gang. I heard Aunty Sue Ann telling Mom that she managed to book Air Asia tickets for holidays to Langkawi and Sabah sometime in June. We went home about 8.45pm but I didn't get to sleep till about 10pm. I could see that Mom was a bit worried that I don't have enough sleep.

Anyway, school was good today. As usual, Mom would wake me at 8am, whisk me off to brush teeth, potty time and hot shower, change, breakfast then off to King's Kids with Pop at 8.30am. So far so good. Mom came by cab on time and had a discussion with Aunty Jennifer. I was asked by Aunty Jeannie to read to other kids at the next table. She then read 'Tootle' to me, which I enjoyed very much. It was one of the books Mom donated to the school's library.

I think Aunty Jennifer suggested to Mom that I will be transferred to a 'bigger kids' class soon since I could read and count already. She also asked Mom lots of questions about what I learnt at home. Pop came later and we went home for lunch.

Tomorrow, there will be Mandarin class and I was asked for my name in Chinese characters. Oh dear, Mom says I have no Chinese name and she quickly contacted Aunty Shee Hoi to translate a name for me. I wonder what she'll come up with.

Erin and I had to bring 'small' umbrellas for Aunty Wohdy's class this evening. As usual Aunty Pat took us and Kakak too. Mom said she's still feeling a bit queasy and preferred to stay at home.

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