Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Dengue Fever!

Oh dear, it's confirmed that Mom's got Dengue Fever. She went to Selangor Medical Center in Shah Alam this morning expecting to do an endoscopy but the Gastroentero... something specialist recommended a 2nd dengue test and true enough it was positive. Her platelet count was 61K which the doc said was very low but since she was feeling better today she need not be admitted. But she needs to go back for more tests tomorrow.

Went riding on my new bike with Erin. When Mom came back, she made Mulligatawny Soup, which is a peppery Eurasian soup that my Dad's family enjoys during New Year.

Grand Aunty Jack called me before going back to Australia.

It was Chinese duck song at Aunty Wohdy's and then Erin and Aunty Pat came over. Next week to bring umbrellas???

Mom's driving me bananas giving me instructions in Malay to fix the Bygga motorbike.

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