Monday, January 8, 2007

My 1st Day at Pre-School!

Today Mom & Pop sent me to King's Kids. How did I feel?

We arrived early at about 8.45am. I think I was 3rd to arrive and Aunty Lara and Aunty Fiona welcomed me. At least they squatted down to smile and shake hands with me, not like the other 'BB' school where the teacher dragged me in crying on the first day.

I was taken to a table where 2 other kids were playing with playdough. I was comfortable and starting making some trains and coaches. I knew Mom was sitting nearby. She took a picture of me too. She left after a while but told me so first. I felt good.

Mom told me later that she hung around at the coffee shop and the playground park while waiting for me. She peeped at me occasionally but I didn't notice. There are 17 in my class (10 girls and 7 boys) but we were split into groups of 4 or 5. Aunty Fiona played counting sticks with my group. I enjoyed storytime by Aunty Jennifer.

School's over early today at 12pm (usually 12.45pm) and I was the first to leave as Mom & Pop came a bit early. After Pop took some shots of BHP stations, we went home for lunch.

After bathtime, Kakak took me for Kumon class. Then we made cup cakes. In the evening, Mom took me to Yamaha for music class. We waited quite long for a cab and Mom had to pay extra. She said both trips cost a total of RM20 that day. Pop couldn't pick us as he was golfing with Uncle Chan, Uncle Lamb and Uncle Tony.

Teacher Maggie said we were all rusty after the long break. I could play Cuckoo's Nest but right hand only. I can play Kangaroo Family too with my left hand cos my fingers are pretty long and can stretch to reach the keys, 'ti' and 'so'. I nearly didn't get stickers cos Teacher Maggie reprimanded me a few times for disturbing Jayden and not paying attention.

Mom paid fees early to get more stickers. Yann Ling cried and Mom questioned me about it. I think Jayden and I kind of played quite rough and accidentally hit her.

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