Monday, January 29, 2007

Kuala Selangor - Bukit Melawati Silverleaf Monkeys

It's Family Day out to discover Malaysia's countryside with Pop, Mom, Mama, Aunty Doreen, Kakak Esa and Kakak Mika.

This time, Pop took us to Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangor, a quiet town at the mouth of the Selangor river. It took us about and hour by Subang way to get there. Instantly, I notice the Road Train waiting for passengers at the entrance to the park. Many local tourists come here on weekends to see the picturesque lighthouse, monyet kelabu (Silverleaf Monkeys) and the famous fireflies.

While waiting for the train driver, we bought cut fruits at the nearby stall and munched keropok on board. Pop said we had to finish up our snacks or the monkeys will want them.

The Road Train took us up a winding road and in a short while we were at the top of Bukit Melawati hill near the Lighthouse.

There were Silverleaf Monkeys all around - on trees, sidewalks, signboards, etc. They are dark haired and have a silver shining on their fur. Their babies have bright orange fur which turns dark to look like the adults after two months. They are a delightful bunch and did not fear us at all. In fact, they will come and sit right next to you or follow you everywhere if you happen to be carrying some food.

Near the Lighthouse, there was an Indian man selling ice-cream who seems to be able to communicate with the Silver Leaf Monkeys. He fed them some cut up long beans and they waited for their turns without fuss. He would reprimand the occassional greedy monkeys and they will back off as though they understood every word he said. Amazing!

Next on our itinerary was SEAFOOD of course. We had lunch at Restoran Jeti at the fishing village which overlooked the river. Pop ordered salt egg crabs, steam fish, o-chien, fried lala beehoon, vege, fried squid, etc

Here's the 'Sea Ouchy' that I tried.

My tummy didn't feel so good. Mom agreed that there was quite a bit of noise in there.

After buying some keropok, fishballs and dried seafood, we left. On the way, Pop stopped by a fish market. Mom and Aunty Doreen bought fresh fish which Pop said made his car stinko.

Pop took a different route back which took slightly longer than an hour. We passed Batang Berjuntai and also the Selangor Fruits Valley, the Selangor Tropical Nursery and the Herba Farm. No time and tired this trip but Pop said we'll definitely visit those places another weekend.

I fell asleep in the car.

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