Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Swim BBQ

To welcome my old playgroup friend Celine and Aunty Soo who came back from Sydney, Australia for the holidays, Mom organized a potluck BBQ. We played basketball, swam, learnt to use the skipping rope and fed mosquitoes, yuks. Pop n Aunty Sue Ann helped with the grilling, Mom played monkey with us at the pool while everyone else chatted and ate. Aunty Wai Han brought yummy satay and Aunty Sui's barbeque squid was BEST with her Thai seafood sauce, as voted by Aunty Juliana and Mom. Aunty Liz's rainbow trout was lovingly grilled to perfection and somehow 2 of them found their way to our kitchen that nite, hehehe.

Celine's got Aussie slang already after spending 1 year there. They will be leaving for Penang tomorrow and hopefully we'll get together again before they go back to Australia after Chinese New Year.

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