Friday, November 30, 2007

2007 Hilton Trains

This year, I managed to witness the set-up. The layout and landscaping wasn't done by the same railroading professional as before. A competition was held amongst local colleges and the Taylor's College architecture students won the honor to put up the display at PJ Hilton. Instead of an overall Christmassy theme like the 2 years before which was more European, this time it's a mixture. From snowy mountains to a desert scene, from Pirates of the Carribean theme to local kampong scenes.

Was hoping that the Polar Express would be there as well but not to be :( I would've gladly loaned mine but it's HO scale while the Hilton trains are all G-scale models. Overall the layout appeared a bit messy and disjointed though but let's see how it looks after completion.

The trains will be on display at PJ Hilton lobby from 1st Dec 2007 till 7th Jan 2008. Here are some 'under construction' shots taken on 26th and 30th Nov:

Click to see bigger size photos.

Last year's layout - 2006 Hilton Trains


jiunn said...

hello! aunty.
i remember you!!
you are the one who came with a grandma and a little boy to c our train display under construction right???
the train is up for display, hope you can visit it again after you come back from overseas:)

I'm the one who told you all not to go into the area because it's dirty-.-
long hair with thick specs^.^

Train Kid said...

Hi jiunn

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes we remember you. We were told you're the teacher, right? A caucasian gentleman who is the father of one of your Taylor's students told us.

My parents and I will definitely visit PJ Hilton many times this month and bring my friends too to see your Christmas trains layout. Cheers, Linus.

jiunn said...

actually....I'm a student also-.-"
I'm in my final year, next year leaving for Australia:)
Everything from planning to executing the whole model is done 100% by students only.hehhe..
do take more nice pictures!!!