Sunday, December 23, 2007

Visit to Good Samaritan Children's Home, Klang

Mom gathered my pre-loved toys and we took a trip to Klang to visit the Good Samaritan Children's Home. We were met by Mrs Ong who runs the orphanage together with her husband Pas. Ong. There are a total of 28 kids from age 1 to 17.

9 or them are under 6 years which my toys are suitable for. I saw a group primary age kids rehearsing a tambourine dance. The older teenagers work part time in a legal office for RM60 a month during the school holidays. Mrs Ong says some of them are orphans, some have parents or single mothers who don't care about them or the fathers have run off and the moms can't support them, some are brought in by the police, some are abandoned children. She needs between RM15-20K a month to support the kids and is solely dependant on public donations. Some months she has to call up friends to help and sometimes dig into her own savings.

I spent some time playing with the younger kids and even visited their bedrooms. 9 boys sleep in an average sized bedroom in double decker beds and on the floor while the girls' room are smaller housing 7 of them. In another even smaller room is Mrs Ong with the toddlers. Mom says I'm soooo lucky to have a small room of my own and I don't even use it. (still crashing into my parents' room)

I also saw many baskets of laundry upstairs. All along the wooden stairs rails were decorated with bits of red and green crepe paper giving the place a Christmassy feel. Mrs Ong said it was done by the kids. I distributed the Mandarins oranges we brought to all the kids.

All the kids were very well mannered and one of them, an Indian boy about 7 yrs old even asked me to come again when it was time to leave. He came to sit next to me on the swing.

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