Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Feet, Yamaha, Zoo

Sat 16th Dec 2007

All day at 1-Utama. Enjoyed Happy Feet.

Mon 18th Dec 2007

Yamaha JMC end of 1st term Concert. I helped make almond cookies for the party.Teacher Maggie looked a bit panicky when I drew No.1 to perform. Played 2 solos - Happy Days and Tug of War. Mom said I did well, PHEW! Best part of the evening was Party time!

Our little performance:

Tues 19th Dec 2007

Mom organized a trip to Zoo Negara - 24 Moms and kids turned up. Wondered why the penguins at the zoo couldn't speak like Mumble? Click here to see some pictures.

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