Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa Came!!!

After Lyn & Billy's wedding dinner at Shangri-la, we came home just after midnight and guess what.....

Santa really came! I had written to him earlier to thank him for the LIONEL Polar Express but I also told him that the bell and whistle was not working. He wrote to me and said he will teach my Pop to fix it and you know what, he sent me something else ....... the LIONEL Christmas Tinsel Town Express!

Wow! This is the biggest train I've got so far. It's G gauge tracks with lights. horn, bell, whistle and electronic Christmas songs. This is perfect for under the Christmas tree.

Play this short video to hear the sounds:

Santa gave me extra Polar Express HO Fastracks and extra coach too - the 'Hot Chocolate' with a round 'TIcket' to the North Pole.

So Poppy and I moved the Polar Express tracks from under the tree and expanded them to the living room. Next we have to think about the landscape.

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George said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! that is so cool!