Monday, January 7, 2008

PJ Hilton Christmas Train Photos

The annual trains display has ended. Since it started 3 years ago, my parents have been taking me to PJ Hilton frequently throughout the display period which is usually from early November till after Christmas. Oddly, this year we went only twice - once during construction and once when the display was up.

This year's theme is a mixture of everything from snow to desert, western countryside to kampung scenes, subways and even pirates of the carribbean. My opinion? Rojak lah but the architectural students of Taylor's College did a commendable job building the landscapes right after their final exams. Previous years were done by a railroad professional but this year, for reasons not known to us, Hilton has decided to open the tender to build the annual trains layout to local colleges. Brave effort for first timers. I'm sure they'll improve by leaps n bound if they get the contract again next year.

Click on slideshow to see larger photos.

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