Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to Play like Her? And Him?

WoW! Mom showed me these video of fantastic kids playing the keyboard. Will I play like them one day??


puiyeel said...

i watched this 2 videos b4 too
have you seen this:

is the girl in the first video
she is in JSAC course now

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Train Kid said...

Hi puiyeel

Thanks for the video. She's fantastic isn't she? One of my friends said it as fake video. Can't be, right? Do you know her personally? Which Yamaha center does she go to? I go to the one in Kelana Jaya.

puiyeel said...

i don know her personally but just saw her videos n some plp who knows her commented bout her.

she's just great!
so now u r still in JMC?
i hope u enjoy ur yamaha courses
i love them when i was in when i was young

puiyeel said...

about the fakeness
i don think so...maybe d melody she playing isnt the one heard if is fake
but from what u see she playing
she definately hav some skill!